Lead by Example: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations installed on Capitol Hill

If you own an electric car or have been thinking about getting one, we have some great news.

The small parking lot north of the Powers Building (One Capitol Hill) now has two dual (level II) charging stations with connections to charge four cars at a time. And charging is free!

Additionally, the Francis Street State parking lot across from the State House has two new dual stations serving four spaces.

These are not the first electric car charging stations on Capitol Hill. The Powers Building garage has five dual stations – six spaces are for employee use and four are reserved for state fleet vehicles.
All outdoor stations are reserved for State employees during work hours and are open to the public on nights and weekends.

The State's  Lead by Example initiative  promotes the adoption of clean energy measures across public sector facilities and state agencies. State and municipal employees are helping to reduce energy costs and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, consistent with Rhode Island's economic, energy and environmental goals.